About Us

About Us

RP Industries has been a part diesel generator manufacturing and trading since 2006. With more than 25 years of experience in the generator industry, we offer the best quality products for our customers. Having worked with customers from different sectors, we understand the need and requirement of all business owners and have the practical experience to ensure that the best solution is delivered. Having served as the OEM for megabrands like Kirloskar, Ashok Leyland, Greaves and Mitsubishi, we have a technical expertise to provide great service to our customers too. We have provided generators to customers from sectors like real estate/apartments, hospital,schools & colleges, restuarants, commercial complexes, Small scale industries and agriculture sectors. With an office and factory facility in Bangalore, we have a broad base of customers to several other cities across Karnataka like Mysore, Coorg, Tumkur, Kolar, Belgaum etc, to name a few.


Our Certified

All our products abide by the necessary CPCB guidelines and have been certified. We ensure that the sound levels and the pollution levels are well below the advised standards. Our products are designed in such a way to ensure that it is safe and compact in size. Our products are also designed to ensure that aspects of servicing can be carried our without any hassle.

Our Products

Mistubishi range:Very compact.

1) 6 KVA
2) 7.5 KVA
3) 10 KVA
4) 15 KVA
5) 20 KVA
6) 25 KVA

Escorts engines are fuel efficient and have economical operation costs. The spare parts are available across the country and are manufactured using superior technology.

1)10 KVA
2)15 KVA
3)20 KVA
4)25 KVA
5)30 KVA
6)40 KVA
7)45 KVA

Benefit from the quality system in the Volvo Eicher engine that is approved by CPCB-11. Volvo Eicher engines have a high level of customer satisfaction with a briliant service network that is quick to respond to its customers.

2)50 KVA
3)20 KVA
4)63 KVA
5)83 KVA
6)125 KVA

Ashok Leyland is the fastest growing genset provider in India. With superior technology, Ashok Leyland offers products that are very competitive in cost and is at par with global standards. The diesel generator meets the necessary CPCB norms in India and is powered by 4,6,8 and 12 cylinder series of diesel engines. The generators are manufactred using the best technology and is known to be cost effective.

1)Diesel gensets upto 1250 KVA

The Greaves Power engines are renowed for durability and are reliable. They have economical operating costs and is supported a strong network that ensures that parts and services are available. These engines are known for low lube oil consumption and heavy duty performance.

160 kVA to 500 kVA